Northampton School for Boys


A Culture of Learning

As a designated High Performing Specialist School, we have a responsibility to share with others the reasons behind the success of the school. In particular, we have challenged the view that - for whatever reason - boys underachieve. Nonsense!!

"I feel NSB was absolutely the right school for me. Academically, I have achieved well and am going to Emmanuel College, Cambridge to study Mathematics. But I have also thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in so much - my Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition, the World Challenge trip to the southern Himalayas including teaching in a school in the Kulla Valley. I've also been to Los Angeles with the school Jazz Vocal group, and been co-Principal Horn in school and county bands and orchestras. Somewhere, I've managed to fit in my black belt in Tae Kwondo and been on two NAGTY summer schools - Maths at Exeter and Philosophy at Durham universities at the end of years 10 and 11. I suppose it's all about matching the NSB culture of 'getting involved'!

We believe boys are capable of achieving great things if they are given the encouragement and opportunity to do so. As a single sex school, we employ strategies and approaches that bring out the best in boys. We establish clear lines of what is acceptable, and what is not - and stick to them!
We expect boys to make progress. We aim to make learning an enjoyable and absorbing experience. We want boys to feel confident in expressing their own ideas. Teachers employ a range of teaching styles. We believe that boys need to become independent learners in order to be successful at GCSE, in the sixth form, university and life in general.

We believe that regular homework gets boys into good habits, and provides opportunities to secure learning and develop individuality in their work. We expect parents to help boys to recognise the importance of homework, and provide appropriate support.

We expect all pupils to demonstrate respect for others in the classroom and beyond. We do not accept disruption in lessons which prevents the learning of others. Youngsters move around the buildings in an orderly manner, creating a calm atmosphere.

We believe that boys achieve their best academically when they are actively involved in the school. The excellent improvement in examination performance over the last decade has been catalysed by sporting, musical, dramatic and technological recognition at national level. We celebrate success in classrooms, in assemblies and at our Awards Evenings.

Zhelong :
"NSB provided me with the opportunity to study Further Maths. Without it, I doubt I would have got to Selwyn College, Cambridge to do Maths! Being at NSB also gave me the chance to be interpreter for Mr Griffiths when a group of successful Chinese headteachers came to see what NSB is all about. It was a bit of a challenge - no-one was expecting them to turn up with no interpreter of their own!"