Northampton School for Boys


A Well Balanced Curriculum

 Our Aim

. . . to provide a broad, well balanced and appropriate curriculum for pupils of all abilities and aptitudes

"The residential trip to France helped me to make friends early. I was selected to join the Gifted and Talented Programme and this has been really beneficial! My main strength is in languages. I think it's really important to communicate effectively with other peoples. I was really proud to get one of the top 5 GCSE scores in the country in French GCSE last year - especially only being in Y9! I also learn Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Lakota! Paul got the highest Y10 mark ever in the International Maths Challenge and plays Rugby, Nick is in the top 3 for his age in England as an athlete, but is also a star mathematician and musician and Jasper is a Midlands cricketer, was a national finalist in cross country and plays bass guitar. Whatever your interest, the school encourages you to do your very best."

"The school has been very successful in challenging gifted and talented pupils" Ofsted