Northampton School for Boys


Confidence Through Experiences


Responsibility and Leadership

We believe that part of our responsibility is to promote self-esteem in youngsters. We aim to help boys to build their self-confidence. We challenge boys to develop these qualities, but to do so without appearing arrogant, being sensitive to the needs of others around them.



"I only achieved what I have done because of massively inspirational students. Tom - a couple of years above me - set an unbelievable standard of professionalism, rare in a teenager, before heading to Cambridge." Harry has had a similar inspirational effect on a new generation of clarinet and saxophone players. Like Tom, he gives hugely of his time to help younger students believe they too can achieve!"

We believe that residential experiences are essential to provide boys with opportunities to become independent. From the trip for all Year 7 boys to France to the choice in Year 12 of Australia, India, America, Iceland, Greece, Italy amongst others, boys are given the chance to expand their horizons.

Residential visits also take the form of Rugby, Football and Cricket Tours to venues such as New Zealand, USA, South Africa and the West Indies, as well as music tours to Europe and the USA, and field trips for Biology and Geography.

We are producing leaders for the next generation. Many youngsters take advantage of these opportunities to show their potential for leadership. We are committed to developing our House system to give further chances for boys to shine in terms of their social skills. We are looking for youngsters who can lead, organise and motivate their peers, under the guidance of a staff House leader. To this end, each House has a team of House Seniors and elects a House Captain.

The School Council, and the Year Councils which feed into it, is elected by the student body. The boys involved know they are contributing to the decision-making processes of the school, to help improve their educational experiences and those of future generations of students.