Northampton School for Boys


Design Technology

Team Leader - Mr M. Samples

In Years 7 to 9 students engage in projects designed to prepare them for the GCSE Design Technology Product Design controlled assessment and examination. A wide variety of different Design Technology focus areas are learned including:

Graphical Communication
Material Technology
Computer Aided Design & Manufacture
Industrial Manufacturing
Nutrition & Food
AQA Design Technology Product Design GCSE.  

In Years 10 & 11 students engage in a series of specialist projects that develop their understanding of key technological concepts and prepare high quality written and practical material for use during the Controlled Assessment element of the course.  A folder of evidence along with prototype models and practical work finally submitted to the exam board.  Preparation for the terminating examination is supported by completing past examination papers, self evaluating skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject and a series of lectures covering all aspects of the examination requirements.

In Years 12 & 13 A Level Design Technology Product Design continues to be a very popular subject and many students continue Design as a subject at University and beyond.

Extra Curricular activities are offered by Design Technology staff include:  Fine Crafts; Arkwright Scholarship; National Competitions; and more.

Design Technology staff continue to keep up to date with technological developments with regular training conducted in-house and through high quality external agencies.

Design Team

Mr M. Samples
Ms K. Carolan (Learning Coordinator in charge of KS3)
Mr J. Walker
Mr C. Osborne (Learning Coordinator in charge of KS4 & 5)
Ms. S. Mistry
Ms J. Roberts (Part time)
Mrs L. Law (Part time)
Mr M. Halidij (Senior Technician)
Mrs C. Harper (Food Technician)
Mr D. Martin (Technician)
Mr R. Murphy (Senior Staff Line Manager)