Northampton School for Boys


Expressive Arts

Team Leader - Mrs L. Greenaway  - Associate Assistant Headteacher

Exploring the Arts is an experience to be remembered! At NSB we promote and encourage the appreciation of all forms to enrich and enhance the quality of life at the school and beyond.

We are fortunate to have phenomenal specialist facilities in Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Photography, which are all offered at GCSE, with specialist teachers forming a thriving and enthusiastic team. A Levels are offered in Art, Music, Photography and Drama and Theatre Studies. Our examination results are consistently very strong.

Our reputation for Music is of international renown and many of our music groups have reached national acclaim, frequently achieving outstanding awards.  Our school productions are well received in the school and local community and have been highly successful and our dance groups have been extremely successful in competitions at local, national and International level.

Regular residencies and workshops are held allowing pupils to work with professional artists and pupils are taken on trips frequently, locally and further afield.

Extra-curricular activities are very popular.  These take place throughout the day and evening with activities ranging from Jazz Choir through to Theatre Technician Training and drama rehearsals also take place at weekends and during holidays. We hold school concerts throughout the year which vary in style and content but in which all students excel.  We also put on numerous school dramatic productions each year including an experimental drama laboratory piece, a Senior Drama production, a Musical and a KS3 production as well as a dance evening (Junction) which includes other local schools, an Expresssive Arts Awards Celebration evening and an Expressive Arts House Competition. Shows have included; Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Animal Farm, Copacabana, Jekyll and Hyde, Evita, Beauty and the Beast, Singer, Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, Midsummer Night's Dream, A Christmas Carol, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Jungle Book, Our Country's Good, Dad's Army, James and the Giant Peach, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pirates of Penzance, Tom Sawyer, Danny: Champion of the World, Rent, The Importance of Being Earnest, Punk Rock and Lord of the Flies. 

Many students take their Expressive Arts qualifications further and more and more Higher Education establishments welcome the Arts and they are well respected in the work place.


Dance/Drama Team Visual Arts Team Music Team
L. Greenaway
(Assistant Head)
R. Parker
(Learning Leader for Visual Arts)
O. Druker
(Director of Music)
H. Hasan
(Curriculum Team leader)
T. Stanforth G. Davies
(Learning Leader for Music KS3/4)
A. Clinton
(Learning Leader Drama/Dance)
H. Caddy J. Coe
C. Thirlwell R. Mindham E. Clark
P. Cave J. Bradbury  
A. White