Northampton School for Boys



Team Leader - Mr G. Smith

Year 7-9

Geography is a very popular subject at NSB and is taught to all boys in years 7-9. A wide range of topics are taught.

At present these are:

Year 7

Map work
Rivers and Flooding

Year 8

Weather and Climate
Extreme Weather
Food Miles
Less developed country study

Year 9

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

After students make their GCSE choices GCSE teaching begins in Term 6.


We now teach GCSE Geography using the Edexcel B Specification.

Topics taught are:

1. The Hazardous Earth
2. Development
3. The Challenges of an Urbanising World
4. UK Geographical Issues
5. UK’s Evolving Landscapes
6. People and the Biosphere
7. Forests under threat
8. Consuming Energy Resources

Assessment is via two 90 minute papers making up between them, 75% of the final grade and a decision making exercise worth 25%. Fieldwork is an integral part of the course also.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form the subject is studied in much more depth and follows the Edexcel GCE Specification.

The topics of study are as follows:

Year 12

Tectonic Processes and Hazards
Coastal Landscapes
Regenerating Places

Year 13

The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
The Carbon Cycle and Energy Insecurity
Climate Change Futures
Migration, Identity and Sovereignty

There is a compulsory requirement to complete at least 4 days of fieldwork away from school. A residential course is integral to Year 13, one day field activities may also take place.

Assessment is via written examinations making up 80% of the final grade and an independent investigation that comprises 20%.


The Team

Mr G. Smith
Mrs T. O'Neill
Mr T. Barfoot
Ms C. Alderson