Northampton School for Boys



Year 7 What is history- skills based work?
The Roman Empire
Making of the UK 1066-1500
Year 8  What is History - skills based work
 Making of the UK 1500-1750
 Native Americans
Year 9  Expansion, Trade and Industry 1750-1900
 Era of the First World War
 Era of the Second World War
 Background to GCSE The Rise of Hitler and Germany in the 1930s


GCSE International Relations since 1914
Depth Studies - USA 1919-1941
Controlled assessment on Germany 1919-1948                   
Britain 1900-20


A Level Italy 1848-71
Germany 1848-1990
The Tudors 1509-1603
Coursework unit on China 1900-2000                                                    


GCSE History


History Team

Mr J. Marshall
Mr C. Reid
Ms H. Kennedy
Mr L. Hunt 
Ms A. Imison
Mr J. Rolleston