Northampton School for Boys



Team Leader - Mehdi Mirnateghi

The department is fortunate to have well qualified teachers, who love their subject, delivering the curriculum and we operate as a strong team.
We make extensive use of UKMT individual and team challenges at all ages and our students have been, and are, very successful.

Students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are taught in one of three ability bands and study a course delivered in modules. Each module of work concludes with a test to ensure that students are competent in all aspects of Mathematics. The modules are delivered by the Team using a wide variety of teaching and learning styles. Student work includes learning activities, consolidation and practice work, problem-solving and investigative work. There is an emphasis on activities which increase both confidence and skills. A wide range of software is used to support the delivery of the Scheme of Work. The Mathematics Team has access to rooms that are equipped with computers as well as electronic whiteboards and their use is an integral part of all our students' work.

Maths at GCSE

Maths Team

Mr M. Mirnateghi
Mr M. Quinn
Mrs S. Bradley-Brophy
Mrs S. Minai
Mr P. Livingstone
Ms N. Kwei-Tagoe
Mr J. Sinyoro
Mr R. Haisman
Mr D. Pearle
Mr L. Barker
Mr M. Edwards