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Team Leader - Mr D. Hodgson

The Science facilities at Northampton School for Boys are housed in a purpose built block, opened by the Queen Mother in 1956, re-modelled in 1993 and extended in 1995. There was a further extension in 2010 with the creation of the Wolfson Laboratory and we now have nine laboratories, two classrooms and a computer room. All of the laboratories are equipped with projectors and some with interactive whiteboards. There are also two prep-rooms, a staf workroom and a lift During the summer of 2012 the windows in the block will be remodelled.

During years 7 to 9 students follow the Key Stage 3 "How Science Works" course and in May in year 9 they begin their science GCSEs. For GCSE about 60% of students elect to do Triple Science the remainder all do Double Science. Those doing Triple Science finish year 11 with GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology whilst those following the Double Science route achieve two GCSEs in Science and Additional Science. The AQA course that we use is taught in modules which last for about a month. These modules are designed to illustrate how science affects us in our everyday lives and then look at the science behind these observations. Skills in Biology, Chemistry and Physics develop as students progress through the course, returning to given Scientific principles a number of times and building on previous understanding.

In the Sixth Form Physics, Chemistry and Biology A Levels are taught.
The Physics and Chemistry students follow Salters Science Courses. The Biology students do the OCR Biology Examination.


 GCSE Science


Science Team

Mr D. Hodgson
Mr P. Loughney
Mr M. McKie
Ms N. Hennah
Mr C. Hull
Ms R. Unitt
Mr P. Riches
Mr J. Parsons
Ms A. Steele
Ms P. Leech
Mr T. Winfield
Ms S. Graham
Mrs R. Daniels - Senior Technician
Mr C. Panter - Technician
Mrs D. Ringrose - Technician
Mr R. Taylor