Northampton School for Boys


Absence from School

If you are really poorly then try and get yourself better and don't worry too much about school.

If you are well enough to work but unable to come into school then you might be concerned about falling behind with your work and want to know what to do to catch up.  

The first thing to realise is that your teachers can not be expected to set special work for you because you are off ill.

There are several things you can do to help yourself, however, and these are listed below:

  • Keep in touch with your class mates and ask them what work was done in class - use your text books etc. to read up on the work that was covered.   
  • If possible borrow a friend's exercise book to copy up missing notes.
  • Take the opportunity to get thoroughly on top of the recent work you have done by revising the past month's work.
  • Use the school website to follow up on any links to sites which help with school work. In particular the Thomas Telford Site has lots of useful exercises you can do across the full range of subjects - the username is NATCERT118 the password is l338xfclick here
  • Use BBC Bitesize to revise work which you have covered in preparation for your next set of exams.
  • Read. Whether it is a text book, web site or reading book, fiction or non-fiction then reading is a very good way to help your studies.

If you are ill, we hope you get better soon. If your absence lasts more than two weeks or is less than two weeks away from important exams, then do contact us for further advice. In the meantime we hope the points above will help to keep you on track and stave off the boredom!


Attendance gets results


Students are required by law to attend school 190 days per year. The Government states that every pupil’s attendance should be at
least 95%


Attendance in one school year Eequivalent time absent                                
Days    Weeks Lessons
95% 9 2 70
90% 19 4 140
80% 38 8 280
70% 57 11.5 402


If you want the best grades you can get, you’ve got to be in school