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The School moved onto the Billing Road site on October 7th 1911 and we have recently enjoyed celebrating our 100 years anniversary. The school was founded in 1541 and has a proud tradition of excellence that is upheld today. 

We teach our students to respect the past so that they appreciate the history and tradition that has gone before them. Also that they fully understand it is now 'their moment' to uphold the proud name of the school.

As part of the centenary year celebrations we are taking this opportunity to establish a comprehensive database of former pupils from the school


Launch of the Former Student Network

Much has changed over the last 5 years, never mind the last hundred, and we are certain that many of you would be interested in keeping a closer association.

It is our intention to build a former student network that will allow the following:


Visits and tours of the school Maintain strong links with the school and the Old Northamptonians Social Club across the road
Ability to communicate with other former pupils
Keep up to date with school news and events Be proud of what the students are achieving today
Attend various functions - social, sporting, arts etc...                   Offer support and guidance if required


 Our first priority is to establish a credible database so we would be extremely grateful if you could fill in the online contact form. It would also be extremely helpful if you could 'spread the word' and enthuse others to sign up so that in a relatively short timewe should have a vibrant membership and can start planning events.

Mark Lee

School Development Director