Northampton School for Boys


House Structure







There are four Houses - Brightwell, Chipsey, Manley and Washington - each with a staff House Director. Each House has an elected a student House Leader and Assistant House Leader. A number of House Seniors from Years 10 to 13 will be selected to help in the running of House activities.

Each form is allocated to a House, and elects a House Representative, who sits on the House Council, House Captain and Vice-captain. Houses have an associated colour, as shown by the NSB logo on the school tie. House competitions give many boys opportunities to develop their personal and social as well as their sporting and other skills.

Mr P. Bryant has overall responsibility for organising House events at NSB.


House Forms House Leader
Brightwell H & P Miss Justine Davies
Manley J & R Mr Quinn
Washington K & S Miss Clinton
Chipsey I & Q Mr J. Bradbury