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Charity Week 2016

Charity Week Dec 2016 thbs

Northampton School for Boys will stage its annual charity week commencing on 14th December until Tuesday 20th 2016. The week is always a great success showing the continued commitment, energy and imagination of NSB students and staff. As well as being a lot of fun, the week highlights to the students, people who have found themselves in unfortunate and difficult situations and who would benefit from the support of others to ease this.

A recent article in The Telegraph stated that as well as giving aid:

“To be properly charitable it is essential that the sense of responsibility and compassion, the spirit of charity, accompanies it and extends both to our own communities and others. It is about engendering the traits of simple kindness and thoughtfulness in our schools and communities towards those who are not so fortunate as ourselves in the world at large. It is about imbuing children both with the habit of giving and sharing and with a sense of responsibility about the world they live in.”

As usual each Form has produced an idea as to an event they can run on their House day and there are amazing things planned on every day with stalls, performances and competitions with all the students thoroughly immersed in charity events. As well as this, each Form undertakes a sponsored event where they will often push themselves to their limits physically. This year it has been lovely to see that some Forms have chosen as their sponsored event – acts of kindness, which certainly embodies the idea of charity fully and which is reminiscent of the film ‘Pay it Forward’ where a young boy tries to change the world for the better by doing good deeds and encouraging others to do the same.

Charity Week is a long established tradition having run for over 30 years, each year raising funds for a variety of international, national and local causes. All of these have been suggested by students and staff at NSB and have very close, personal links with many. The suggestion box for charity proposals is left in Student Services and the Student House Leadership Team decides which to support every year.

The charities that we are supporting this year are:

Local Charities

Cynthia Spencer Hospice

At Cynthia Spencer Hospice they provide inpatient care, outpatient services. Hospice@Home, a lymphoedema service and a palliative care clinical nurse specialist service. They have two specialist Consultants in palliative medicine, a team of doctors and specialist nurses working within the Hospice and the community as well as in Northampton General Hospital and Danetre Hospital in Daventry.

They offer specialist physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to those with life limiting illnesses. Their focus is on quality of life and respecting the uniqueness of each person.

The specialist palliative care service is jointly funded by the Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity and Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. The cost of running the hospice is over £2.4 million, a large part of which comes from the support of local companies and individuals.

Cynthia Spencer Hospice leaflet
Cynthia Spencer Thank you

Northamptonshire Hope Centre

They work to relieve poverty and tackle the causes of homelessness in Northampton. The charity began in 1974 when Michael Mulligan decided to help the local street homeless by providing free food from the back door of the Bishop's House in Marriott Street, Northampton. The Soup Kitchen, as it was known then, was born. Although the charity has developed over those 42 years into the Northampton Hope Centre it still upholds the basic principles of compassion and care for people experiencing extreme disadvantage.

They still provide essential help with food, clothing and washing to over 100 people every day in their day centre at Oasis House but their work also helps people to move on in their lives, grow and develop skills, build confidence and motivation and provide practical opportunities to participate more in society and become self-sufficient - giving people a hand-up as well as a hand-out. They recognise that if you continually provide hand-outs there is no incentive to become self-sufficient so their work is focused on helping others to help themselves, providing support and services that will enable individuals to take back control of their own lives.

They are entirely reliant upon the support and generosity of the local community.

Northampton Hope Centre Newsletter
Northampton Hope Centre leaflet

Northampton General Hospital’s Premature Baby Ward – Gossett Ward

Gosset Ward is a neonatal intensive care unit which cares for newborn babies who require some form of special high dependency or intensive care nursing. Most of the babies admitted to Gosset are due to premature births. The normal length of pregnancy is 37 - 42 weeks gestation.

It is expected that babies less than 34 weeks will be admitted to the unit. The unit is part of the Central Newborn Network and is a designated level two unit and is allowed to practice intensive care for babies of 27 weeks' gestation or above.

Right Resolution CIC (supporting young people leaving care in Northamptonshire)

Right Resolution CIC is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting children and young people's futures. Their commitment is to empower, involve and develop the potential of children and young people. It is a local charity that funds projects aimed at giving young care leavers the support, guidance and confidence they need in accessing education, training and jobs.

The project offers intensive support to care leavers and organises apprenticeships with local businesses. It also works with further education colleges to help young people to access training, education and employment.

The scheme is unique in that it supports young people long after they have found education or work. It could be anything from going to pick them up every morning if there are no local transport options, to buying them appropriate clothes for an interview, to keeping in regular contact with their employers or tutors, to ensuring they are making the most of the opportunities available to them.

National Charities

The British Heart Foundation

Coronary heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer but the BHF are leading the fight against it. Their mission is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease so that people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease. Their cutting edge heart research is fighting heart disease and making a difference to people's lives. On 18th October it was Restart a Heart Day and the BHF came into school and some students here were lucky enough to be taught CPR – how to resuscitate someone if they stop breathing. By providing these lifesaving skills they are hoping to increase the chances of people’s survival until the paramedics arrive.

Birmingham Children's Hospital "Star Appeal”

Birmingham Children’s Hospital treats 9,000 children with a rare disease each year. Every one of them faces huge challenges throughout their childhood. Being really sick is awful for a child and extremely stressful for their family. Parents have to take their child from specialist to specialist searching for an answer.

Treatments often do not exist because rare diseases often affect many different organs and parts of the body and children have to visit lots of different hospitals and departments. The money raised from the Star appeal will be used to create a new centre which will ensure there’s a place where children can go to and be diagnosed, treated, cared for, and to meet other kids just like them. There will be a dedicated research space, so children with rare diseases can find the answers.

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity Star Appeal
Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity poster

SANDS (helping families affected by stillbirth and neonatal deaths)

SANDS supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or after birth. They offer emotional support and information for parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, families, professional and others.

Alzheimer's Society

The word dementia’s describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease or a series of strokes. Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. The Alzheimer’s Society raises money so that it can help support and care for those with dementia but also train people and undertake research.

International Charities


Unicef makes a difference for children all over the world. They provide life-saving food, clean water, vaccines, disaster relief and protection from Violence. They are currently helping in and around Syria, with Europe’s child refugee crisis, Easy and southern Africa, Yemen, in the UK and emergencies everywhere.


A donation will also be made to the Malawi Educational Links charity, something the school has been supporting for the last few years. Students in the Sixth Form have been visiting Malawi each summer to undertake specific projects. Malawi faces several social problems including poverty. Although Malawi's economy is steadily improving, more than 50% of the population currently living below the poverty line and there is a high HIV/AIDS infection rate. Recently the plight of those with albinism has been highlighted in the media. 


Raffle Tickets on sale in 1911 Hall every day before school, break and lunch. Prizes include – Saints tickets worth £100, a tablet worth £50, Toy Robotic Car worth £50, chocolates and biscuits donated by Waitrose, binoculars, £25 go-karting voucher, 2x £10 vouchers towards a massage, Nandos voucher, a day pass for Collingtree Virgin Active for 5, tickets for Peter and the Starcatcher at the Royal Theatre…

A tradition during Charity Week is MUFTI day. This will be held on Friday 16th December and each student should pay £1 to come to school in casual clothes. Please remember we still have to work during the day so no fancy dress, onesies or other inappropriate attire! PE Kit as normal.

Other highlights of the week include the XX Factor, House dodgeball and the Charity Showcase (4.15pm Wednesday, tickets on sale to all from the Cripps Hall Box Office) where a variety of talented acts including dances, singers and actors are given a forum to display their skills.

Wednesday 14th Dec: Brightwell, Charity Showcase (4.15 pm)
Thursday 15th Dec: Chipsey, XX Factor (lunch)
Friday 16th Dec: Manley, XX Factor (lunch), Mufti Day
Monday 19th Dec: Washington, XX Factor (lunch)
Tuesday 20th Dec: XX Factor Final (lunch) and Raffle Ticket draw (Lesson 1)

All other events will be published on the VLE and will be displayed on the community board, in the atrium in the concourse and the atrium in the Cripps building.

We would like to thank anyone that has helped in organising charity week so far and ask that all students enter into the spirit of the week as we try to raise much needed funds for some worthy causes.

Lindsay Greenaway
Assistant Head Equality and Assessment
The Student House Leadership Team