Northampton School for Boys


Headmaster's Bulletin 3rd February 2017

Richard Bernard 2014 thbs

Nothing quite beats the diversity of the NSB extra-curricular programme and this week ornithology took centre stage as Mr Bradbury inspired a group of students to take part in the Big Schools' Birdwatch nationwide event. Our students spotted seven different species of bird in a lunchtime slot with the back of The Cripps Hall acting as the official hide. I have asked the group, through Mr Bradbury, to conduct a similar survey from different locations in the school as I am intrigued to know how the results will differ over the 25 acre site particularly from within the Spinney which had rumours of a Sparrowhawk sighting only a week ago. 

I also profess some relief at two Magpies rather than one being spotted! Such has been the impact of this event that related stories have been sparking around the staff including a heartwarming one where Mr Harris nurtured back to health an injured Tawny Owl chick from the Spinney – see the picture of the actual owl below.  Apparently the owl had a visit to the staff room back in the early 1980s and took its fledgling flight from its box only to land  on a DT teacher's head whilst mid-conversation with the Headmaster at the time, Mr Holmes, who carried on the discussion unflinchingly until asking the DT teacher whether he realised that he had an owl on his head.

Mr Edwards is clearly a rising star in the media as following several pieces on local radio he made an excellent appearance on Anglia Television promoting teacher training and opportunities within the county - here - We are delighted with the progress of our current group of trainees who are now in between their two training schools and are increasingly well prepared for their first job in this hugely rewarding profession.

Finally a reminder that we have two upcoming major school productions in The Cripps Hall Theatre - 'Junction 17' Dance Show on February 25th and the School Musical, 'Oliver', on March 1/2/3, tickets for which are on sale in the Box Office. Both events promise to be outstanding evenings of entertainment.

Richard Bernard