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Lanzarote: Club La Santa 2014

NSB Club La Santa 01 2014 thbs

“Without a doubt the best week I have ever had and one I will never forget.”

“I have learned so much about myself, both physically and mentally and I have gained an insight into how top athletes train and the lifestyle they have to live in order to be successful.”

“This trip has encouraged me to reach greater heights in my sport, allowing me to push myself in a variety of activities far more than ever before.”

These are just some of the testimonies of the NSB students who flew out to Lanzarote to stay at Club La Santa; one of the premier warm weather sports training facilities in the world. Whilst many elite triathletes, cyclists and F1 drivers regularly attend training camps on site there are facilities to cater for any type of athlete, team or anyone with a keen interest in fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The weather is generally amazing, which is obviously a further bonus!

The experience really began on the first morning with a talk on nutrition and the importance of fuelling the body in order to maintain the correct biochemistry. Sally Walker, who presented the information, was very impressed with the answers given by the students, who responded with great thought and intelligence. This set the standard for the rest of the week with everyone in the group attacking each of the activities with relish. These ranged from mountain biking to early morning swims, 5km runs to body-fit classes to stretch and relax sessions run by outstanding professionals who are part of the dedicated ‘Green Team’ Club La Santa staff.

However, once competition was added things really started to push on! Josh Round won the 2000m row challenge and the duathlon, James Smith coming in first in the mini triathlon and winning the utterly exhausting Gym test, Greg Summers staying in the longest in the multi stage fitness test and Tynan Byrne leading the field home in the Aquathlon. All of the events were very close.

The group were also put through their paces by Adam, the running coach. He ran a session focussing on everybody running at the same pace as Dennis Kimetto who recently broke the world marathon record. This translated to approximately 17 seconds for every 100m for the 26+ miles. Team NSB however only ran it in 50m - 200m bursts, with plenty of rest and water!! Still very hard going though!

The staff would like to pay tribute to all of the students who attended the trip. There was a fantastic sense of togetherness with everyone encouraging each other, even in the most competitive of situations. The group took full advantage of all of the facilities and were rarely inactive. It was great to be around such fantastic individuals who all learned so much about themselves as athletes, and as people, and will take the experience and shape the rest of their lives in such a positive way.

J. Taplin