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NSB Disability Sport Success 2016

Y9 Reece Drage Football 2016 thbs

We are pleased to announce that two NSB students involved in disability sport have recently been highlighted for their progress and success in their chosen areas.

Year 9 Reece Drage for hearing impaired football and Josh Fuller for visually impaired skiing.

Reece Drage Y9 NSB Student

Reece first had issues with his hearing when he was 4 years old. He had contracted an infection that resulted in a tumour forming within his outer ear. Unfortunately the tumour had engulfed his eardrum and ear canal and the only option was to remove it all, leaving a small amount of hearing which he needed the help of a hearing aid to give him a form of hearing in his right side.

He has had to undergo many bouts of constructive surgery since his first tumour, due to the damage and voids left within the right side of his head.

At the age of 9, unfortunately Reece had to go through this all again due to a re-occurrence of the disease. Another tumour had formed in a slightly different part of his ear, again on the right side but this time it took away what was left of Reece's hearing and left him completely deaf on his right side.

Again in 2016, another tumour was found and removed resulting in further major surgery possibly having to be conducted in 2017. This time Reece’s hearing in his left ear has showed a reduced hearing capability.

During all of this time Reece’s passion for his sport has not diminished. He has not allowed any of what he has been through disrupt his drive to succeed and show his absolute best with whatever he tries.

Reece plays ‘mainstream’ football in the top league in Northampton for his age group, he proudly represents NSB and alongside his disability he has now been selected to train and represent the Visually and Hearing Disabled FA East Region Talent Squad. The FA pathway, of which Reece is now part of, could result in him representing England but only with a lot of hard work and some luck.

I would like to say thank you for the support that not just your team, but the rest of NSB has shown Reece.

Mr S. Drage 
Father of Reece Drage

Below is a statement from Reece’s head coach, Kevin England who is the FA Technical Directorate for FA education and also FA Regional Coach Mentor Officer.

Reece Drage makes it at FA Regional Talent Centre

The FA has 24 teams and amongst these we have disability football teams and in particular I am highlighting the Visually impaired squad currently ranked 3rd in the world and a new squad for deaf players who have been successful in home internationals playing the FIFA and UEFA small sided game of Futsal.

These senior squads are supported by a selection and development programme that extends down to grassroots youth players from local clubs and schools. Reece Drage has been through a Talent ID programme (TIP) involving trials and six weeks of coaching run by the FA and has been selected to join a Regional Talent centre for deaf and visually impaired players.

Through this programme Reece receives specialist coaching, with his progress monitored. It is not just in football/futsal that he gets support, as he also gets strength and conditioning advice, sports psychology and medical support provided to help on the ‘The Journey’. Reece has an opportunity to establish himself at this level while looking to push on to the next. Lots of hard work ahead, commitment and family support needed going forward, but a chance to make a name for himself as disability is not a barrier to wearing the three lions!

Kevin England
Head Coach, East Region VI & Deaf Talent Centre

Joshua Fuller Y9 NSB Student

Joshua Fuller is a visually impaired student in Year 9 he also has nystagmus and albinism - he needs all his teaching resources work modified to font size 24 to be able to see it. He is also a talented skier and has been training since he was three!

Josh is a visually impaired slalom racer on the indoor circuit but currently as there are no specific races available for him to enter he is competing on the able-bodied race circuit and doing well. Please see past article: Click Here

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