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NSB Medical Society Success 2017

MedSoc 2017 thbs
A Step Up for NSB’s Medical Society

The past year has witnessed a busy period in the world of Medicine as junior doctors strike in response to the humanitarianism crisis. As a result MedSoc, a student governed body, was created to discuss these very issues with students aspiring to pursue professions in healthcare. Here we debate these controversial topics through a number of organised meetings. Each year students are elected to chair the Medical Society and be responsible for organising a vast array of events. This provides a good foundation to develop the necessary interpersonal skills for their proposed future career. It also provides an excellent opportunity to take students through the UCAS process, enabling them to share experiences and prepare effectively for interviews, tests, as well as selecting the right course for them at the right institution.

In addition to debate based meetings, we have also invited a number of guest speakers such as junior doctors, zoologists, specialists and university ambassadors.

To finish this academic year, NSB’s first Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Circuit was organised by the current leaders. We arranged five stations to provide students with the opportunity to gain interview experience. This event emphasises the commitment and organisational skills required to run MedSoc. We then received feedback from a number of students and they all found the experience extremely positive and said that it gave a realistic representation of university interviews.

Some of the feedback has been included below:

“I thought that it was very useful for preparing us for interviews in the future. The way we had to answer questions, on the spot, relating to Medicine was somewhat challenging but aided thought for the future” – Anas Rahman

“I thought it was really interactive and more life-like compared to just discussing how we would answer the questions. I also liked how each station featured in different questions” – Binta Eldho

“It was an interesting gauge for what is to come and I’m glad we had the opportunity to participate. It was genuinely helpful to better understand the mind-set under which we must enter interviews in the future” – Timothy Bosse

With interviews, tests and important decisions in the UCAS application pending, this group of students have been a united force, collaborating well together and supporting each other in what is often a challenging, stressful and demanding process. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all out MedSoc students the very best of luck and we know that the NHS is in safe hands with the very best that NSB can offer.

A. Rahman, G. Sachdeva & S. Morrison