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NSB Ski Trip 2015

Ski Trip 2015 thbs
Ski Trip - San Simone, Italy 2015

Last Friday a group of seventy excited boys and nine members of staff boarded two coaches which would then take them to Italy. One boy was so excited he stated that he was on coach three – even though there were only two! After this joyful start, it was surprising how - as the hours went by - everybody became tired and grumpy (but awake with sweets) and very few slept well. The next morning started off freshly with breakfast in Switzerland and after rapid progress we reached San Simone just after midday! We ate ravenously through the gigantic portions of Italian food offered at lunch and dinner as it snowed outside.

We were woken up on Sunday at seven in the morning. Soon after breakfast the beginners were introduced to the sport by snow-ploughing up and down the green slope (the easiest slope – not a grassy one!). Meanwhile the experienced skiers were tested on their ability and were separated into two groups. The four hours of skiing were great fun!

The next day gave us more of an opportunity to get to know our instructors better as we had five hours of skiing in which the instructors communicated with the students through a variety of sign language and English. This also proved to be a beautiful day in which all the surrounding mountains could be seen clearly from the hotel. Unfortunately the sun was very powerful so some of the beginners came back quite red in the face - but full of enthusiasm having grasped the basics of skiing. In the evening we watched a film after the staff overcame some difficulties with the technology.  

Drawing by Dan Kingsbury

The following day we took the coach down the mountain roads to the nearby ski resort called Foppolo. We spent five hours exploring and skiing in this larger resort. The beginners became more familiar with the lifts and the top senior groups (along with some members of staff) explored the exciting red and black routes on higher ground. Completely shattered and exhausted, everybody still took part in the ski rep Nick’s interesting quiz before sleeping well that night. We woke up to a similar routine the next day where a further six hours were then spent on the slopes. That evening many were again tired and went to bed, but some stayed up to watch the film ‘Man of Steel’ until 11.00pm.

The next day was perfect for everybody, we had slept well, the sun was shining, the snow had settled and we had six hours of skiing to look forward to in San Simone. Lots of progress was made as some beginners started to venture onto the black and red slopes whilst those who were experienced in the upper groups were led off-piste by their instructors. After this there was a voluntary sledging competition which was great fun for those who took part, but even better after this was Mr Bradbury’s amazing quiz with lots of strange and wonderful questions and tasks - match the teacher to the old photograph for example.

Thursday was mostly spent preparing for the departure on Friday but five hours of skiing in San Simone were squashed in. We also took part in a slalom race! On Friday we spent two and a half hours skiing and then left sadly for the journey home.

We had a great time in San Simone and we would love to go there again next year.

Dan Kingsbury - NSB Y9 Student