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NSB Ski Trip 2016 - San Simone

Ski Trip 2015 thbs

On the 12th of January 1.30pm, sixty-five NSB students departed for a twenty-three hour bus Journey to Italy.  Three hours later we arrived at the towering high ‘white cliffs of Dover’ and the port. After a 20 minute queue we were set free from the bus to go and grab something from the service station and go to the toilet for about 30 minutes. We were lucky enough to get an earlier ferry, so we then got on the large boat and set off, which took 1½ hours. Some of us grabbed dinner whereas some sat down and relaxed.

At around 6.30pm English time we arrived in Calais. Many of us were sleeping by then, but some of us were up watching a movie or listening to music. We set off further into France, most of us had settled down by the time the movies finished. All of the teachers were asleep, but the hard working coach drivers were still up and getting us to San Simone. We stopped off at a very modern service station to grab a drink and have another toilet stop.

After a hard night of getting to sleep we started waking up at about 5.15am. Not the best sleep, but it’s better than nothing. By 7.30am we were in Switzerland, eating breakfast! There was a very wide selection going from donuts to pizza to sandwiches. All of which were very yummy. After re-fuelling ourselves, we then got back on our ride to Italy, not much longer to travel… still around 7 hours left, but worth the wait. Winding through the Swiss Alps, some amazing views were to be seen, some we may never get the chance to see again.

Finally we reached Italy. All of us super-excited as we were getting closer and closer to our destination. We then put on another movie to pass the final few hours. Then finally - Yes! The mountains came into view and we all celebrated. On the digital clock, it was around 12.00pm English time; we had nearly been travelling for a whole 24 hours.

Eventually we reached the resort where we saw loads of snow coating the cars and the ground - thick, fresh snow! We got off the coach and collected our bags, then were directed to a room called the disco room. We were given our rooms about an hour later which left us time to relax and talk. After getting our rooms, we waited hungrily for dinner. For dinner we had a starter, then a pasta dish, then a meat dish. But they couldn't forget the desert! Bedtime was at 10.00pm and we all fell asleep quickly as we were all very tired by now.

The next day we had to get our boots, helmets and skies fitted, which took some time. Thankfully there was a boot room which kept all of our equipment safe. The next morning we woke up all excited, but the first morning was sledging rather than skiing due to a local festival on the slopes. This meant instead of five hours of skiing on each of the following days, we had six! After lunch we found out our groups and were off.  We started on the nursery slope because we were beginners but it was still an amazing experience.  After we had improved we were moved onto the more advanced slopes. We fell over the first time, but got the hang of it.

On Wednesday, we went to a town called Fopollo. It was bigger than San Simone, and in my opinion better.  There were a lot more slopes and they were longer slopes were longer. We all went up into the mountains, raced down the slopes, then went back up on the chair lifts where you got some mind-blowing views. At midday we went back to the town and had lunch, which felt very good. After this, we were now training on the Slalom. By Thursday we were racing against each other, as well as being competitive, we all supported each other. Then after the race we went back to normal, skiing up in the mountains. We then ended our session and headed back to the resort for our awards - Mr Elder won the staff race!

After the awards we started to sadly pack. But we still had a three hour session to come on the Friday, so we kept our hopes up. Dinner was still to come, but first we had a late night torch-lit descent, where stakes of wood were set a-light and we skied down the slope in a long line - this was great fun!

The following day we had breakfast, got into our skiing outfits, grabbed our boots and skis, then set off with our instructors for the last time this week. We had a lot of fun; we went on a little off-piste track and some race courses and over some jumps. It’s surprising how quick the three hours go, even six hours goes quickly and all too soon it was the end of the session. We had one of the best lunches ever. Pizza! Proper Italian Pizza! We then got our bags, grabbed some last minute bits from the shop and set off in our coaches down the mountain roads which some found scary.

We arrived back at home at around 5.00pm on Saturday and went back home to our own beds, which felt good. On behalf of the group I would like to thank the teachers for organising a great trip.

Y8 Ben Sitton