Northampton School for Boys


NSB Take Part in Big Schools' Birdwatch 2017

Big Schools Birdwatch 2017 thbs

The 1979 RSPB decided that they needed a simple winter activity that junior RSPB members could get involved in. As it is likely to be cold with dark evenings at this time it began as a weekend activity in the garden. Members were tasked with counting the birds in their gardens, all at the same time, so the RSPB could work out what the UK's top ten most common garden birds are and also to get an idea on how our local birds are faring nationally. With this success the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch was launched to include everyone!

Now through Big Schools’ Birdwatch the NSB students have been inspired to connect with nature in their school environment by counting the wildlife on their doorstep and to learn that it is counting on them!

“This lunch saw a number of students take part in this year’s RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch. This is part of the world’s largest wildlife survey. As a school we have a number of different habitats for birds to thrive. We managed to complete the survey, in which we monitored the bird activity for an hour. I'm sure if we placed ourselves in other parts of the school grounds we would have seen many more species.

We concluded the survey and counted up:

40 birds in total in the one area over the hour (possibly more but didn't want to count the same bird twice)

15 Black-headed gulls

5 Blackbirds

2 Magpies

6 Carrion crows

5 Herring gulls

3 Common gulls

4 Pied wagtails.

It was great for the students to be involved in the nationwide survey and I'm hoping this will springboard into more 'Wild Challenges' ahead.” Mr J. Bradbury