Northampton School for Boys


Primary School Literary Workshop 2017

Y6 Literacy workshop Dec 2016 thbs

As I ushered two Year 6 classes from Bridgewater Primary to the Sixth Form Pod, they might well have thought that a terrifying apocalypse was unfolding as hoards of NSB students amassed across three floors to witness their fellow teachers endure the excruciating pain of leg waxing. This may have indeed contributed to the impeccable behaviour of these youngsters, so I wasn’t complaining!

This is the third year that we have invited youngsters from local primary schools to take part in a literacy workshop and work with our students. It is a well established set up in which all who participate benefit; the students from Year 6 have a new found awareness of life in secondary school, as well as practising the skills necessary to excel in the forthcoming SAT’s and indeed future years; the NSB students showcase their skills and finely tune their ability to disseminate information with clarity and precision; the teachers from both schools simply enjoy seeing the fusion of ability, passion and collaboration which enfolds in front of them. It is my genuine belief that some of the best learning occurs when you do not actually have to do anything as the students are there - delivering, exploring and enjoying taking the risks that come without the spoon-feeding restriction, drawing upon previous knowledge and working independently and collaboratively to progress.

Ten teams of primary students with over 20 NSB students, including four Year 9 students, assisted, directed and encouraged each other with the aim of analysing the work of previous students before producing excellent pieces of writing themselves which encompassed great vocabulary, devices and punctuation.

The atmosphere over the period of two hours was brilliant. Everyone made excellent contributions and they worked at pace. We thoroughly enjoyed working with these students and I genuinely believe that there are a good few aspiring teachers from this cohort. One Learning Support Teacher pulled me aside at the end to express her praise for one of students in particular and I have met a few mums on the school run who spoke highly of the event. With a crisis in the teaching profession, this can not be but good news. This praise is not demanded or even necessary but is simply a testament to the good that our students do. There’s no payment or certificate or debt of gratitude but simply a feel good factor on the part of all. At a time when the pressure is on for all involved in education, these moments of euphoria are exhilarating, refreshing and much needed to say the least.

I am exceptionally proud of all involved so well done to everyone who took part!

Ms Morrison
English Department