Northampton School for Boys


Y12 Bude - October 2016

Bude 2016 01 thbs

In October Year 12 once again went to the North Cornwall coastal town of Bude to take part in a week of outdoor activities and exercise. This year was an exceptionally good year: injury free and high spirits all week long.

During the week, the groups took part in a range of activities including: Canadian canoeing, kayaking, body boarding, mountain boarding, caving, climbing, the high ropes course and team trail. The weather was on our side this week and the sea was warm, at least as warm as could be expected for October. Each day began with a morning run, which most managed to do without too much groaning and moaning, and that was just the staff! During the week I was lucky enough to see most groups in one or other of their activities and I am pleased to say that they all threw themselves into the activities 100%.

The students this year were really fantastic. There were hardly any complaints about getting up early and going for a run and their enthusiasm was exceptional. They were a credit to both themselves and the school.

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I would like to thank the Adventure International centre staff and instructors for their hard work and enthusiasm; they really did get the best out of the students. The instructors at the centre don’t get paid a huge amount and they work long hours and always doing their best to keep the visiting students involved and busy. At the end of the week, Macca, the centre owner and manager said that they thought that this was the best group of students that we had brought down to Cornwall. I would also like to thank the NSB staff who came on the trip for their hard work during the week. Res Ed trips can sometimes be seen as a holiday, but that hides the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep everything and everyone going to make sure that the students have the best possible experience.

Mr P.  Loughney
Y12 Team Leader