Northampton School for Boys


Y8 Liddington 2014

Liddington 2014 12 thbs

Enterprise week for Year 8 involves a valuable educational visit to PGL Liddington.

The residential experience away from school is key to the cohesion of the student body as a whole. Throughout the week the students took part in a variety of activities: raft building, open canoeing, climbing and abseiling. Evening Activities were also structured to ensure the students were reflecting and building their holistic team skills continually.

All the boys were ambassadors of the school and all were impeccably well behaved throughout. It is vital for the students to develop in different environments and form further friendships. This is something that will continue to help them on their return back to academic lessons and throughout the years at school.












It was clear that throughout the activities, all students were kept motivated by each other. With a sense of challenge, every boy was pushed out of their comfort zone and gained new success through hard work, team work and commitment.

Overall I was very pleased with how all the boys enjoyed the visit.

Mr Beaumont